Services of Process

We do what it takes to put the paper in their hands.
Proud Member of NAPPS

Process servers are needed in an assortment of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents and document retrieval. We provide all of these services:
Attorney Issued Papers
After papers are served, we scan our returns and email a copy to our clients on all attorney issued subpoenas.
Subpoena duces tecum
Witness Subpoena
Summons and complaints for Divorce
U.S. District Court Federal Papers
In partnership with Local Process Services (LPS) Bob Farmer in Lynchburg, VA, we make collections easier with a detailed report for our clients to use in court. It shows the date/time/type of service and any notes.
Unlawful detainers
Warrants in debts
Rush Service
We are available for same day service
Service Area
100-mile radius of Lynchburg, VA